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When we talk about the most famous social media sites, Facebook is of course on the top of the list. It has established itself as a popular and premier networking platform by offering a huge number of benefits. Through Facebook, one can easily get connected to the friends who are in other countries. There is no barrier of language or distance with this platform. With its massive user’s list, Facebook has given the marketers a great platform for business. One of the best things about Facebook is that it is a real-time social networking medium that keeps you updated with breaking news and information.

But, like any other social networking platform, Facebook also has some errors and flaws. These are termed as technical issues which must have been experienced by most of the users. To fix them all, you will need Facebook customer service. This service is specially devised to troubleshoot the issues to maintain your privacy and make use of Facebook in a hassle-free manner. Whenever anyone gets trapped in the technical issues, they always look for someone who can provide them with instant support. One question that is common to almost everyone is how to contact the technical support service. For this, just pick up the phone and dial the helpline number so that you can talk directly to the technical experts.

In what ways, this technical support service is useful?

FB technical support always comes to rescue you whenever you’re stranded with technical error messages. There are a number of ways in which users of Facebook will get benefited from this support service:

  • User’s base will get a solution that is very effective and precise. With these solutions, you will be able to overcome whatever your technical issues are.
  • No matter whether your Facebook account got hacked or you lost the password, just consider getting in touch with the professionals through Facebook customer service number.
  • Its midnight and you’re having account hacking issue. No worry at all as you can make them a call and get their technical support around the clock.
  • The entire team of consultants and technicians provide a helping hand to Facebook users in a very friendly manner. Every customer will get priority and immediate technical aid.

My newsfeed is not working, why?

Newsfeed not appearing on Facebook is a common problem that sometimes happens with the users. If you’re seeing such problems on your FB then give a try to resolve on your own with these solutions:

  • Before signing to your account, try clearing the entire temporary data and cache memory.
  • If this doesn't fix the issue then you’re needed to disable add-ons on your web browser.
  • Another simple solution that you can try is to use a different web browser for signing in to your Facebook account.
  • How can I see and change the Newsfeed preferences of my Facebook account?
  • For seeing the newsfeed preferences
  • In the Facebook page, look out for the account settings which are available in the top right corner.
  • On clicking setting, a number of options will appear to you. Go to the ‘News Feed’ to see the preferences.

For changing the preferences of news feed

  • Make sure to click on the option of ‘Prioritize first who to see’. By clicking on this option, you’re making sure to view the posts appear at the top.
  • For hiding the newsfeed from any particular page or person, you have to choose the option of unfollowing the page or person.

If anyhow you’re not able to follow these steps, it would be better to call on Facebook customer support number and ask for assistance from the technicians. This number provides you global access to the technical support service.

Why I am not getting email notifications of Facebook?

You can try out these solutions one by one to fix this email notification issue:

  • In the beginning, check the notification setting for email. If it off then turns the setting on.
  • Also, check your spam to find whether the notifications are not going to this folder.

How to disable the location of Facebook from iPhone?

  • On your iPhone, open the ‘setting app’.
  • Hit the ‘privacy’ option
  • Check out for the ‘location service’.
  • From the given options, find ‘Facebook and click on the ‘never’ to finish the process.

If still trapped in the same technical hassles then talk to the team of techies to overcome this issue rapidly. Facebook Phone number connects the user’s base of Facebook to highly trained and active techies.

How to turn off the event’s notification of Facebook?

  • Navigate to the event that you don’t want any notification from.
  • On the top right corner, you will see the option of three dots. Simply tap it.
  • On clicking, you will see ‘Notification Settings’. You have to tap on it.
  • Now, you’ve to slide the off option to stop receiving the notifications of the events.
  • On completing the process, hit the ‘Done’ button.

Users of Facebook should consider getting rapid help from experts. If we’ll talk about the benefits of Facebook customer service phone number then its direct connectivity to the users cannot be ignored. It also assures round the accessibility to the customers. There will be rectification of the glitches in no time to assure customer’s satisfaction to the people.

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